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Business Improvement Strategies That Work Best For Your Organization
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Every business is pursuing sustainable development initiatives. Business management/improvement systems provide a disciplined and structured approach to achieve sustainable growth for environmental, economic and social needs. ISO 9001:2015 provides an ideal tool for meeting economic needs while ISO 14001:2015 fills in the void for environmental expectations and OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 does/will provide a wonderful tool for protecting workers` health and safety.

Numerous statistics have revealed that organizations (with a piece-meal approach) without a business management/improvement system struggle to realize their intended outcomes; consequently, operating continuously in a fire fighting mode, which deprives their organizations of opportunities for enhanced competitive edge, customer loyalty, increased economic returns, environmental protection, prevention of ill-health and injuries and sustained business growth.

An appropriate, adequate and value-adding business management/ improvement system must be custom-designed on the basis of business purpose combined with process approach and risk based thinking, transformed into user-friendly information technology, supported by modern corporate culture, effectively implemented by people with passion and commitment, thoroughly assessed for performance evaluation for added-value, and continually sustained for competitive edge.

Jack Sekhon & Associates Inc., based in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, a one stop business management/improvement system organization, has been serving clients across Canada since1997 for all their business improvement needs. Be it quality, environmental, occupational health/safety, integrated management systems, projects, other management systems and I/T related work, Jack Sekhon & Associates Inc has the knowledge, hands-on experience and skills to deliver value-adding services with unmatched integrity and competitive rates.



To promote and contribute towards sustainable development in the business world through achievement of a common-sense balance between economic, environmental, occupational health/safety, and social matters/obligations


To be the clients’ preferred choice consultant in Canada by delivering business solutions that demonstrate customer satisfaction excellence, environmental protection, workers` health/safety protection, creativity/ innovation and quality solutions through cost effectiveness without compromising integrity and professionalism.

Guiding Principles

Quality Management Principles, Environment Protection Principles, Employment Standards, Sustainable Development and Loss Prevention Principles are the cornerstone of our creative and value adding business processes solutions.

Our Strategy

Our strategy for improvements to your business performance will be determined and guided by your needs and expectations and best value for your money. Various hands-on and success-proven strategy options are available for your business and may include:
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