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System Requirements:

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  • Knowledge of audit criteria i.e., ISO 14001 Standard, organizational EMS.
  • Auditor’s people skills.
  • Knowledge of process approach and risk based thinking.
  • Understanding of organizational context.
  • Knowledge of industry and relevant compliance obligations.

Auditor Certification Organization certifies auditors/lead auditors based on completed ISO 14001 certified auditor training/course, required EMS experience and auditing experience.

In addition to auditor certification, people skills combined with verbal and written communication skills distinguish an effective and efficient auditor from other auditors.

Auditors collect information based on review of ISO 14001:2015 EMS  documents /records, observations of work environment/equipment/ infrastructure and interviews with personnel from various functions. When the information from these sources is verifiable against each other, the verified information becomes objective evidence. The objective evidence is compared against the organization’s EMS and ISO 14001:2015 Standard requirements. Any identified gaps are classified as Major NCR, Minor NCR or OFI.

The auditor must be able to put the auditee at comfort and ease during the beginning of the interview. This is done by asking open-ended questions in a non-intimidating and non-threatening manner and by being with the auditee in terms of attention, empathy, consideration and non-judgmental. The point is to win over the auditee as a human being by using acquired people skills. Once the auditor has achieved this, then the auditee will volunteer lots of information that will lead to successful and effective interview as well as objective evidence. The interview process must be a WIN/WIN for the auditee and the auditor.

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