Jack Sehkon and Associates Inc.

(Copper and Gold Mining- EHS Certification)

Centerra Mount Mulligan Mine

Jack Sekhon and Associates assisted Centerra Mount Mulligan Mine in achieving new mine operating license from regulators regarding EHSMS.

Case Study

Highlights of receiving mine operating license for compliance:


  1. Appointment of project sponsor for overseeing the project.
  2. Formation of senior management team for on-going commitment, engagement and support.
  3. Formation of process teams for engaging in functional hands-on approach for EHSMS.
  4. Management Training on ISO 14001/45001 EHS Standard requirements.
  5. Process Identification and Management Training to Employees.
  6. Compliance with new operating license from regulators- scope-including processing plant, crusher, tailings pond construction/operations, maintenance, conveying equipment operation, heavy mobile equipment operation, open pit mining and reclamation, office building, camp, fuel storage and dispensing, access road construction and maintenance, electrical power system generation and distribution, drill and blast, IT infrastructure, concentrated ore transportation to shipping locations.


  1. Approved EHS Management Plan under Environmental Assessment Certificate and BC Mines Act Permit.
  2. Health, Safety and Reclamation Code for Mines in B.C.
  3. Occupational Health and Safety Regulations BC.
  4. Work safe Act BC.
  5. Applicable Provincial Environmental Acts and Regulations.
  6. Applicable Federal Environmental Act and Regulations.


  1. Developed EHS Management Plan.
  2. Developed EHS Risk Registers for Mine Geology, Mine Engineering, Mine Operations, Site-wide activities, Assay Lab, Metallurgical Lab, Mine Maintenance, Warehouse.
  3. Developed EHS Legal Register.
  4. Prepared EHS Policy, EHS Objectives and EHSMS Manual.
  5. Established System procedures based on risk assessment and EHS-ISO Standards.
  6. Facilitated operating procedures for various functions based on risk assessment.
  7. Tools (Templates, Forms, Databases, Checklists).


  1. Employee training on EHSMS.
  2. Employees EHS Questionnaire.
  3. Employees EHS Legal Register Questionnaire.
  4. Assistance during implementation.


  1. EHSMS Internal Auditors Training.
  2. Process and risk based Internal audit for EHSMS.
  3. EHS Legal Compliance Audit.
  4. Value adding management review.
  5. Follow-ups on internal audit and management review gaps.


  1. Mine Inspector EHSMS Documentation Review.
  2. Preparation of Letter supporting EHSMS conformance/compliance with framework documents.
  3. Mine receives approval for operating the mine


  1. Non-conformance free certification.
  2. Enhanced due-diligence.
  3. Mine operation start-up.

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