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(Semi-conductor and other Electronics Component Manufacturing)

Firebird Technologies Inc

Jack Sekhon & Associates assisted Firebird Technologies in the development, implementation and registration of their business management system to ISO 9001 Standard. The project commenced with providing the key FTI employees with basic knowledge and understanding of ISO 9001 Standard requirements and process management concepts.

Case Study

The initial approach consisted of understanding the FTI’s business processes and their interaction, which led to the mapping of core processes that included business process flow, the rework loops, appropriately placed checks/balances, and well-defined acceptance criteria for checks/balances. With the knowledge of the business processes and with the assistance of JSA’s expertise in the interpretation of ISO 9001 Standard, FTI was able to design the business management documentation that was practical, optimum and appropriate for the nature and complexity of their business. The documentation development initiatives were based upon total engagement of FTI employees at the working level. The documentation consisted of policies, procedures, process maps, work instructions, tools and templates. The highlights of documentation consisted of product and process measuring/monitoring specifics, analysis of data, customer requirements understanding specifics, customer satisfaction surveys, business strategic plan, business objectives/KPIs, and value-adding management reviews.

The next step was to make all FTI employees aware of the business management system on paper that had been developed. Following the awareness sessions, a comprehensive questionnaire was developed to help employees retain the competence they had acquired.

Following awareness, an implementation plan was developed and executed. The plan consisted of providing employees with job-aids, assisting employees in the understanding and completion of templates, and revising/updating templates where needed for practicality and value-added. Comprehensive process-based internal audits were conducted to evaluate on-going success levels of implementation. The internal audit findings triggered greater awareness of as well as added further value to business management. The employees expressed positive feedback in helping FTI leverage the business management system to ‘raise the bar’ for business excellence, competitiveness, customer satisfaction, and ultimate cost reduction.

The project took 9 months and the FTI was registered to ISO 9001 “WITHOUT ANY MAJOR NON-CONFORMANCE”. The Registrar’s report praised the quality and value-added documentation approach and content. The FTI senior management was extremely happy with the overall success of the project that has provided them with a solid model to achieve competitive, cost effective and quality products as well as satisfied customers by employing a process-based approach combined with their business specifics.


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