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How Jack Sekhon & Associates Can Trigger peak Business Performance

JSA Inc. helps organizations around the world continuously improve the quality of their products and services. Through our hands-on and success-proven strategy options, we offer ongoing training, information and performance tools that help streamline operations, reduce costs, build a sustainable Peak business, and satisfy more customers.

Every business is pursuing sustainable development initiatives. Peak business management/improvement systems provide a disciplined and structured approach to achieve sustainable growth for environmental, economic and social needs. ISO 9001:2015 provides an ideal tool for meeting economic needs while ISO 14001:2015 fills in the void for environmental expectations and ISO 45001 does/will provide a wonderful tool for protecting workers` health and safety.

Results Driven Training

Our customized training will help you in landing new attactive job/get promoted to leadership position and in your organization by being competitive, lower cost and higher revenue..

Interesting Quizzes

Smart, creative, interesting and value-adding quizzes/exercises that help you practice and retain problem solving tools and techniques.

Premium Content

Modern, proven, practical, user-friendly and customized content that is suitable both for SMEs and large organizations.

Our Most Popular Courses

Having registered to ISO/OSHA management system standards provides a level of confidence for a prospective client that service/product provider, as a minimum, has an independently registered system in place to provide services and products that meet customer and legal requirements.

Numerous statistics have revealed that organizations (with a piece-meal approach) without a business management/improvement system struggle to realize their intended outcomes; consequently, operating continuously in a fire fighting mode, which deprives their organizations of opportunities for enhanced competitive edge, customer loyalty, increased economic returns, environmental protection, prevention of ill-health and injuries and sustained business growth.

Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Jack Sekhon P. Eng offers instructor led and on-demand training around the world including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Montreal, Halifax, London, North America and the rest of the world.

He delivers comprehensive training solutions to corporations, public sectors, multinational organizations, and private individuals. Through his expertise, he provides engaging content that creates a memorable and valuable learning environment.

Jack Sekhon
Founder & CEO

Jack Sekhon P. Eng is an educator/trainer, assessor/auditor, and business improvement/management system consultant, project/supplier/contractor management specialist and compliance evaluation professional focused on helping all size businesses expand their market share, boost profit margins, reduce preventable environmental and OHS incidents, reduce WCB premiums, and foster overall sustainable development through proven business improvement models and concepts/tools.

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