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Quality Tools

Some of the key quality tools include the following:
Strategic Plan Template (SWOT and PESTLE)
Process List

Risk Register/Risk Assessment

Preventive Action/Risk Assessment:

The concept of preventive action has been eliminated from ISO 9001. Instead, a risk-based thinking has been introduced to use the risk/opportunity concept to fill in the void for a preventive action. To take advantage of the risk-based thinking, the following process is adopted:

  • Identify the processes for each functional group within the organization with all required information such as inputs, outputs, sequence, interaction, checks & balances, acceptance criteria, resources, and controls. 
  • Following the process identification, risk assessment is conducted on every process to prioritize processes based upon risk levels, and to provide a focus for management of processes. Such an approach is proactive and serves the purpose of a preventive action.
  • This has allowed us to eliminate the preventive action from ISO 9001:2015 standard.
RCAT/Fishbone Diagrams
NCR Template
Manufacturing and Service Quality Plans
Inspection Test Plan
KPI Template
Audit Process Requirements Matrix
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