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Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019
Auditing and Assessment covers Quality Management, Project Management,
Contractor Management and Supplier Management.
Jack Sekhon and Associates Inc. engages auditors/assessors who have technical educational background, are certified and extensively experienced to conducts gap analysis and internal assessment/auditing of quality and project /supplier/ contractor management systems using by ISO 19011:2018 Standard. A combination of proven, value-adding, practical and non-intimidating assessment/auditing methodology and tools is employed to trigger business performance/process improvements that support your organization’s bottom line and growth. The audit criteria could include ISO 9001:2015 Standard, contract specifications or requirements, project execution plan and supplier contractual obligations.
Deliverables include:
  • Gap analysis reports to help you trigger path forward.
  • Comprehensive audit reports that trigger process improvements
  • Process-based audit plan
  • Customized audit checklists based on ISO Standard and business processes
  • Remote auditing
  • Total client buy-in on audit results
  • Risk-based auditing approach
Jack Sekhon and Associates commits and allocates only diversified, experienced, registered technical personnel & certified personnel who engage your organization develop, implement and improve quality/business management system using a process approach and risk based thinking as well as incorporating Lean and Six Sigma concepts and tools to achieve cost effectiveness and business performance/process improvements, compliance with applicable statutory/regulatory requirements, enhanced team concept and higher employee morale. Specifically, the deliverables include:
Business Improvement Consulting Products & Services
  • Policies, Procedures and Tools
    Software-ready policies, procedures (system and operating), process maps, flow charts, and tools (templates, forms, database) that guarantee nonconformance-free third party registration, are customized for value-added.
  • Hands-On Implementation
    Unique written implementation strategy and proven hands-on implementation that guarantees nonconformance-free registration of your management system.
  • Risk Registers
    Business/Organizational and Functional Risk Registers based upon risk management methodology relevant and customized for economical and
  • Business Strategy
    Strategic Plan/Business Objectives/KPIs based on corporate mission and vision as well as internal and external issues-SWOT analysis.
  • Supplier Management
    Supplier pre-qualification and surveillance strategies based on your requirements and supplier importance.
  • Contractor Management
    Contractor Quality Plan and associated tools development and assessment in accordance with contract requirements.
  • Value Stream Mapping
    Unique value-stream mapping for your organization to help you achieve business streamlining, lay-out improvements, inventory optimization and technological advancements.
  • Process Identification and Mapping
    Process identification is conducted that leads to Functional Process Lists. Following that customized process mapping for your business/functional processes is conducted to produce user-friendly and effective visuals.
  • Project Management/Execution
    Project Management Plan and Project Quality Plan development and assessment as well as associated tools based upon project size and complexity.
  • Business Improvement Solutions
    Business improvement solutions based upon Lean Six Sigma strategies using SPC tools/techniques through improvement project definition, measurement, analysis, improve and control (DMAIC) model to help you achieve process control optimization, defect minimization and ‘fat’ trimming.
In aJack Sekhon & Associates Inc. is currently working on making available various following management system documents for downloading at very reasonable prices:
  • ISO 9001 Implementation Package
  • ISO 9001 Process List/Risk Assessment Package
  • ISO 9001 Internal Audit Package
In addition to certified online instructor led and certified online on-demand training courses in Quality Management, Jack Sekhon & Associates Inc. also offers other in-house courses and online courses in Quality Management listed below.
Experience the unique approach Jack Sekhon & Associates pursues to provide your organization with expert and in-depth knowledge to enable your personnel with knowledge/learning preservation and skill-set enhancement leading your organization to a competitive edge.
The following training options are available :

Online Instructor Led Certified

  • Online On-demand Certified
  • In-house Other Training
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Customer Focus
    • Strategic Plan Development
    • Value-Stream Mapping
    • Leadership Obligations
    • Continual Improvement
    • Process Identification and Mapping
    • Middle Management Obligations
    • Outsourcing Management
    • Risk Identification and Assessment
    • Worker Obligations
    • Documented Information Management
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