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Suncor Energy

Jack Sekhon and Associates assisted Suncor Energy in determining the top 10 high risk OHS processes within their operations. Read full case study to learn more!

Case Study

The scope of Suncor operations in Fort McMurray included:

  • Mining-Blast, Oil Sands, Coke Pit and Limestone, Drainage, Truck Maintenance, Equipment
  • Operations, Track Maintenance, Shovel Maintenance, Planning, Engineering, Major Projects,
  • Site Wide services
  • Upgrader
  • Extraction
  • Site Wide Services
  • Fire Bag Steam Generation

Highlights of OHS high risk determination project:


  • Meeting with corporate Suncor OHS group in Calgary.
  • Tour of the Suncor Fort McMurray site operation.
  • Review of past OHS work done.


  •  Maintain compliance with Suncor EHS Standard.
  • Sustain compliance with Suncor legal framework.
  • OHS Risk Assessment Protocol Development.
  • Offer 1 day OHS Seminar to OHS Specialists.
  • Offer 2-3 hour OHS session to senior management.
  • Review and revise existing risk registry framework.
  • Assemble multi-discipline teams within each operating area.
  • Prepare risk framework training package.
  • Train the multidisciplinary teams and explain expectations.


  • Identify OHS hazards/risks, conduct risk assessments and prioritize OHS risks.
  • Populate risk registries.
  • Prepare and deliver `train the trainer` package.
  • Prepare employees risk registry training package.
  • Deliver risk registry awareness training.


  • Assess risk registry awareness amongst employees.
  • Conduct an internal audit and resolve any risk registry related concerns.

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