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(Waste Transportation and Disposal Management Services)

Wastech Services Ltd

Jack Sekhon & Associates was retained to assist Wastech Services Ltd in the development, implementation and registration of their business management system to ISO 14001 Standard for all Transfer Stations and Cache Creek Landfill.

Case Study

The project commenced with the formation of executive and process teams. A project execution plan was prepared and submitted to Wastech for developing a mutually understood project goals and specifics. The executive team was offered awareness of ISO 14001 Standard and high-level process management approach. The process team was offered comprehensive understanding and interpretation of ISO 14001 Standard, process mapping concepts and tools.

The key business processes were mapped and their interaction with other processes understood. This led to laying the foundation of “Environmental Aspects/Risk Registry” based upon risk likelihood, risk consequences, nature of process mode, applicable environmental legislation, nature of existing controls, nature of measuring/monitoring, and level of influence. The registry development process was facilitated by JSA and actively participated in by employees and senior management. These initiatives provided Wastech with a well-defined and highly employee-receptive platform for sound and effective management of environmental practices.

In addition, a legal requirement registry was developed by JSA which provided the list of all applicable environmental legislation and brief explanation of how  a defined legislation applied to Wastech’s operations.

The EMS documentation was developed with Wastech`s nature of environmental risks and complexity of their business in mind.  The documentation was singled out as “unique, extraordinary and business-oriented” by the Registrar at the documentation review stage.

The next stage was to make every employee aware of Wastech’s established management system on paper. This stage entailed providing customized packages for senior management and employees supported by area specific quizzes. This awareness formally connected the Wastech`s environmental mindset which they use as a leverage to enhance their business, market presence, competition and sustainability.

In order to have Wastech due diligence incorporated in their environmental management, a compliance audit was conducted to relevant provincial environmental Acts and Regulations. The feedback from the compliance audit helped Wastech design environmental due diligence in their day to day activities.

The final stage was to implement the management system through a hands-on approach with senior management and employees. Site specific and probing questionnaires were used as aids to trigger, solicit and engage employees during the implementation process. The on-going level of success of implementation was determined through customized, challenging, and non-threatening internal audit practices that triggered a comprehensive continual improvement process.

All the above initiatives led to Wastech’s registration to ISO 14001 Standard without “A Single Non-conformance” raised by the Registrar. The registration has helped Wastech in responsible environmental management as well as in running an effective and efficient business.


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